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Quality Materials Master Craftmanship

Visual Perfection

Mike Dobell founder of California Custom Painting has been in the Painting Industry for over 20 years. His passion for perfectly straight lines and flawless quality are spectacular.

Highly Detailed

Mike is not just a talented painter but understands the balance required to raise a growing family as well as running a successful business.

Unmatched Quality

His customers are typically in similar satiations balancing life with home or business projects and completing them without disruption the flow of enjoying life.

Commitment To You

Mikes ability to work around your family's life, entertainment and business schedule has been key to the continued growth of our company.

Services Provided






The exterior of any structure requires the same attention to detail as the inside. The whole structure is inspected and prepared using 35 year silicon caulking, bonding agents are added to our stucco patch work providing more durability. One of the more challenging tasks is matching Spanish skip trowel and raised sand patterns. We have mastered this area of our trade. Ask about our exterior paint with a lifetime warranty.

We carefully move all furniture and pictures covering working areas with plastic sheeting. Floors are covered with paper or drop clothes. The areas being painted or stained will be properly prepared to income but not limited to non-shrink spackle and 35 year silicon caulking. Cabinet Refreshing -Drywall Patches Wall Texturing.


Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, I have been licensed since 1997. I have workers Comp and 1 million dollars liability insurance.

How long have you been painting?

26 years.

What is the difference between grades of paint?

Premium paints have stronger resins which mean longer life and resists wear.

How does color selection work?

I have 150 sample quarts. I work with you, putting up samples out of my stock, or I provide samples you want to try.

What measures do you take for surface preparation?

Exteriors are pressure washed, caulked and stucco patched. Damaged wood will be replaced. Interiors surfaces will be cleaned, spackled, and spot textured. Enameled areas sanded

How long does the average job take?

Most exteriors take 1 week. Interiors take 1-2 weeks depending on amount of trim.

Do you leave the extra paint with the client?

Yes, owner is left with at least 1 quart of all colors and sheens for touch up.

Do you work yourself on the jobs?

Yes I like to be the jobs as much as possible, working and supervising.

Do you do specialty painting?

Yes, I do a little faux painting. And also Venetian plaster.

Do you supply the paint?

Yes, al material and labor is included in the estimates.

Do you have references?

Yes I have a long list of satisfied customers with which I provide several to potential clients.

Our customers say it all

Mike was very professional with his appearance, quote submittal, and work ethic. Working with him was very enjoyable. He completed the job as he said he would and charged me what he said he would. He was timely, and I did not have to manage him. The paint job turned out beautifully! Mike stands behind his work, and he had no problem coming back to touch up places that were missed in those hard-to-see places due to lighting. I will refer (and have referred) my friends to him. I will use his services again. - Betsy C.

Mike has come to my rescue more than once in the last month. Most people think paintings easy. I picked up a brush and started painting after making a mess not once but twice I called a Pro. Mike was on time, on budget and fixed all my mistakes perfectly. Thank you. Eric G.

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